Professional Flooring Installation in Katy, TX

If you have always wanted a stunning and low maintenance floor at home, then hardwood flooring is among the best choices. Hardwood floors last for decades, need minimal maintenance, and are cost-efficient in the long run. All you have to do is call for the help of licensed and experienced Katy hardwood flooring contractors and let them transform your home. Here are three signs that you have found yourself a reliable hardwood flooring company.

They provide a written and detailed quoteof your project.

A written quote from your hardwood installer is a legal and binding document that contains everything there is about the service you availed, as well as the specifics of the project. It includes all information about the installation cost, hardwood flooring, and preparation. This flooring installation price quote keeps you well informed of all the important details of the work that your contractors will do for you. If they give you a comprehensive and duly signed quote like this, then you can monitor the work and the allocation of your payment.

They do the necessary preparations.

A professional flooring contractor will properly prepare everything before anything else. A hardwood flooring is sensitive to moisture and needs to be acclimatized to its new environment before being nailed down. Moreover, the subfloor also needs to be clean, flat, and dry before the installation. Enough nails should be used as well to pin down the flooring to ensure a secure finish. If your contractors started hammering the hardwood flooring right away minutes after they arrived, then you are in big trouble.

They continuously communicate with you in the process.

Your contractors should walk you through the preparations and installation procedure. They should also inform you of their progress or the possible issues that may be encountered along the way. Communication should always be open throughout the project.

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